How to use

What you need
(1) IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless LAN card with WiFi logo.
(2) Network access terminals such as notebook PC and PDA with the wireless LAN card.
  * Please see the web site for OS support.
Basic Settings
1  Setup WEP and ESS-ID
ESS-ID:bizportal WEP Key:4510201804
Note 1) Please select 40/64 bit, hexadecimal for WEP.
Note 2) Please contact the manufacturer of your computer about setting of the wireless LAN card.

2  No need to change IP address setting
The IP address is automatically assigned so you do not need to change your setting. Once you start the browser, you will be connected to print service and local area information sites.

Start up the browser
You can enjoy following services in the BizPortal portal site for free.
  • Access to print service (printing fee chargeable)
  • Access to local area information site
  • Link to web sites of co-sponsors
Access the Internet
Need your ID and Password to access the Internet.

When using One Time Card
Purchase the BizPortal One Time Card (One Day Card or Seven Days Card).
One Time Card
  Scratch the silver covered area on the card and get your own ID and password.
Access to
Start up the browser in the BizPortal service area, login (Figure.1) and go to [Using One Time Card(Figure.2-A)]

Follow the instruction on the web site.

When using your credit card
Startup the browser in the BizPortal service area.
Access to
Login (Figure.1) and go to [Using your credit card(Figure.2-B)].
You can purchase ID and password online with your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express).

Follow the instruction on the web site and get an ID and password for accessing the Internet.

Figure.1 Login

Figure.2 Unregistered Member

When you cannot connect to the Internet. (For Windows 2000)

Is [Never Dial a Connection] checked?
You cannot connect with dial-up connection as you are connecting to the LAN (wireless LAN).

Start the browser and select [Internet Options] from [Tools] on the menu bar.

Check your IP address
You should be able to connect to the Internet without changing the setting even with a fixed IP address. In case you cannot connect, please change the IP address to DHCP.

Select [Settings] from [Start] menu and open [Control Panel].

Open [Network and Dial Up Connections].

If you still cannot connect after all the settings have been properly made, please call